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By Agent AI 28 Nov 2016

30 Days with | 100 New Partners!

It’s been a busy month here at since we officially announced the availability of our Co-Pilot and Auto-Pilot customer support CRM and productivity tools.

In just a little over one month we’ve had over 100 companies come on board with

This is great validation that app developers (and some big name brands!) believe in our approach for better mobile customer service. One of the reasons we’re so excited for the future of, is our companies unique focus on merging Customer Support, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile innovation. It’s the convergence of these three areas where is uniquely setting itself apart from other customer support software and the big, and less-agile, customer support industry names.

Our “Zero-Risk” Artificial Intelligence Approach

The CRM was designed from the ground-up to slowly introduce artificial intelligence as a complimentary tool for customer support agents.  In using the CRM to resolve customer tickets, agents are concurrently teaching resolutions that the system can recall and suggest for use by the agent on subsequent instances of a similar customer inquiry.  This approach allows companies to experience the benefits of artificial intelligence internal to their Admin Console with zero-risk of testing with live customers.

60 Day Path | Artificial Intelligence Learning Process

Many of you have asked how long after integration it takes for Agents to begin to see AI-learned responses in the Admin Console. To help showcase the learning process, we’ve created the timeline below which details the typical first 60 Days post integration for our current customers.

ai-timeline-blankWe look forward to sharing more news soon!

Thank you,
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