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By Agent AI 13 Oct 2016 Introduces CRM to Bring the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Customer Service Channels

New Platform Delivers CRM and AI-Enhanced Tools for Real-Time, Multichannel Customer Support

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – (Oct 13, 2016) –, a provider of artificial intelligence-enhanced customer service solutions, today announced the availability of its software platform to help businesses connect in real-time with their customers wherever they are, whenever they’d like and in the communication channels they prefer. provides a robust standalone CRM or integrates with customers’ existing platforms to offer their support agents a powerful and consolidated dashboard view of customer event data, analytics, session information, transactions and more, in order to support better case management and streamlined customer issue resolutions.

The bulk of customer support issues are repetitive. With the integration of, CRM software can leverage machine learning to understand agent and customer conversations and soon begin to both anticipate and suggest accurate responses for the majority of customers’ inquiries. This allows customer support teams to focus on issues that need more dedicated attention, while providing the majority of customers with immediate resolutions without the need for human interaction.

“More than three billion people are actively using messaging apps every day and businesses are beginning to realize that mobile messaging, not just phone and email, is critical to delivering the timely customer experience that their users expect,” said Fred Hsu, CEO of “But the market has been flooded with pre-scripted, drag-and-drop, or otherwise ‘dumb’ bots. The key to delivering value through chat is using AI that learns from an organization’s own human agents. With that core element in mind, is now bringing the data platform, intelligence and machine learning required to deliver differentiated customer support at scale.” is introducing two AI-based offerings: Co-Pilot, an AI-assisting agent productivity tool, and Auto-Pilot, an agent-free, conversational AI responder.

With Co-Pilot, customer service agents are presented with increasingly accurate machine-learned and agent-taught responses for their customer inquiries directly in the Admin Console, reducing resolution steps and enabling a simple review-and-send response process. The feature leverages a mix of AI technologies to analyze customer and agent interactions, ticket resolutions, company knowledge base, FAQs and custom-selected events to anticipate and surface a logical response for the agent to forward along to the customer. The learning period for Co-Pilot to begin to assist customer service agents is based on number of interactions, with 5,000 messages being the average to successfully achieve Co-Pilot mode.

Auto-Pilot is ideal for companies that believe AI will forever change customer service. Over time, agent-taught Co-Pilot responses increase with accuracy to a point that allows companies to let become the first responder to customers’ frequently asked questions. This allows companies to provide immediate responses without agent intervention. The software includes logic parameters to only respond to inquiries when it has extreme confidence in the appropriate response, and otherwise routes questions to human agents.

These tools allow companies to delight their customers with responsive inquiry resolutions in seconds, not days, which is the current customer service industry norm. Additionally, allows companies to provide customer support 24/7/365 across non-staffed hours, holidays and weekends — which are peak customer service hours for many companies. The company innovates further by allowing customers to connect with their users through whatever messaging channels they prefer, including native SMS/chat, email, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, Telegram, Skype and more.

Since launching as an in-app mobile CRM solution in late 2015 under the name UserCare, the founding team, comprised of AI and mobile veterans, has been building upon the initial elements of the platform, including its Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine and event-based machine learning, which have been actively “learning” for more than a year. While some customer service companies are considering appending AI features to their existing products,’s entire platform was built from “day one” around AI, and its event-based analytics provides customer and session context that other companies simply cannot provide, resulting in a deeper understanding of customer state and resolution needs.

One of’s early customers is leading gaming developer Reality Games. “We’re known for both creating and producing games with ultra-high retention rates,” said Peter Sas, commercial director & co-founder of Reality Games. “Customer support is an important tool for any developer as they bring their apps to market, and we are excited to offer our users’s real-time, chat-based solution as a way to interact with customers directly within our apps.” offers simple set-up and onboarding, enabling most customers to deploy within an hour. Additionally, the company offers unlimited syncing of customer support ticket data to properly train its AI engines. Furthermore, unlike other solutions, enables organizations to service their customers in seconds, mirroring the response users have come to expect from messaging apps, without sacrificing the high-touch experience that customers are accustomed to.

“Technology advancements, specifically in areas of big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing, are now the force multiplier for organizations looking to drive more revenue through increased service, loyalty and repeat business,” said Hsu.

Pricing & Availability’s software platform is now available. Companies can send their first 5,000 monthly messages for FREE. Thereafter, each message is $0.05 across any customer channel. For more information, visit or request a demo by contacting

About provides artificial intelligence-enhanced CRM solutions that help businesses connect in real-time with their customers wherever they are, whenever they’d like and in the communication channels they prefer. Backed by its event-based machine learning and natural language processing engines, enables businesses to respond to customers faster, 24/7/365, while helping agents become more productive. Visit to learn more.