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By Agent AI 11 Jan 2017

How calendaring AI is a game-changer…or…we were early to the concert…really, really early

Aaron Miller, Growth Engineer at
By Aaron Miller, Growth Engineer at

My latest, biggest, and best career bet (so far) is a simple one and it is this: AI will first be realized in the business world by companies that specialize in focused use cases. Nothing earth shattering there, just tech business sense. And while intelligence is something that benefits everything and detriments nothing but ignorance, we must be mindful that we do not let ourselves get carried away by the sirens singing about AI. So far, the two areas that have proven themselves most useful to me personally fall into 1) calendaring; 2) chat.

Since I work for the disruptive chat provider, to avoid total self-aggrandizement, let’s focus this post on the former and my experience and fondness for a fellow AI provider, and their virtual assistants, Amy and Andrew Ingram (AI, get it?). [See our other posts for news about how amazing Chatbots + AI are…or just book a demo with us and let one of our sales people (or me if you’re lucky) amaze you on a more personal level.]

To tell you more about why I love the calendaring use case for AI, allow me to share an illustrative, yet embarrassing personal event from my past. I set up a date once (long ago but my recollection is so vivid it feels much nearer) inviting her* to a piano concert. We got dressed up, walked to the venue, it was a warm evening, the wind blew her hair in all the right ways, you get the idea…everything was perfect…so far…but oddly, when we arrived, the area was empty. Deserted. We were perplexed. Time for a logistics check. It was Thursday night, the 4th, and it was 8 pm and yet no one was around. So, I pulled the tickets out of my pocket and there, clearly, was the proof…we were exactly one month early. 🙁 Apparently, in my haste amidst all the other studying, working, rent-paying and other things that busy our lives, I had focused only on the day’s number, the time, and the name of the day of the week. It’s unusual that the same day of the week falls on the same number, but it can and it does. Besides, who would ever be dumb enough to miss the month?!?

Anyway, fast forward to present day. The internet, mobile/smart phones, social media…all that noyze. Layer in the complexities of distributed teams. The above (true) story is just for managing two parties going to a set time and place. For work these days, we commonly handle 3 or more geographically distributed parties (hello timezones! hello DST!) and busy schedules for us all. Not a recipe for easy success for the calendar challenged person like me. So, you can imagine my joy when I found’s calendaring AI solution which manages your schedule for you and brokers the details amongst the participants. Think of she/he as your virtual employee and it’s easier to map how they’ll fit into your lifestyle. Yes, it’s software and yes all software has quirks (most notably delays when setting up quick meetings…currently those are best handled by you directly), but the bottom line is that my life is better with an AI assistant than it is without it. Augmenting our lives with AI gives me boundless hope for an enlightened future and emboldens me when I talk with’s prospects about its many advantages and how to best handle its minor deficiencies.

So whether it’s managing your calendar or enabling your customers and prospects to easily engage in intelligent conversations with your company on your website…check out AI from and…and tell them Aaron Ingram sent you. 😉

*epilog: she’s now my wife, and our daughter shows few signs of being epically time-challenged like her dad. Phew.