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Facebook Messenger

In App Messaging

The Way Your Mobile Users Expect to Connect

Provide Customer Service in Every Messaging Channel

Quickly respond and resolve customer inquiries with in-app chat and push notifications – no emails required! Let users connect with you however they see fit, with support for SMS, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber, Telegram,  Twitter DM and more. - In App Messaging

Custom Knowledge Base

A Complete Mobile Helpdesk Solution

Keep your users happy with help that literally works

Let your users find the answers they need immediately, and without Customer Support assistance, using self-service, customizable, in-app FAQs and Knowledge Base. - Knowledge Base

Live FAQs™

Your Companies Voice, Powered with AI

Drive app usage, loyalty & praise with (24×7) Service smartly responds to your users’ questions, anticipating their needs and surfacing accurate, agent-taught responses using In-app event data, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. It’s really smart. - Live FAQs

In-App Rewards

Put the AI in RetAIn, with In-App Rewards

Create Advocates, Evangelists, & 5-Star Customer Reviews

Thank users for their continued loyalty by sending them in-app currency, virtual items, credits and more, to keep them engaged with your app. Instantly grant rewards to appease users after a challenging issue – win them back. - App Rewards

AI & AI-Assist

AI = Customer Service that Never Sleeps (24x7) - Support & Messaging
Improve Response Times with AI and AI-Assist

Mobile customers want their questions answered immediately, not tomorrow.
works as a first-responder to help your users when they need your attention most.

Customer Chronicle™

Resolve Tickets . . . FAST! - Customer Chronicle
Skip Time Troubleshooting & Get Right to the Answer

See a detailed timeline of each answer-seeking users’ in-app behavior, helping your team to quickly resolve issues, drive product development, and gain customer insights.

Segmenting by LTV

Segment, Understand & Prioritize - LTV Console
Win Retention and Repeat Revenue by Treating VIPs like VIPs

Deliver differentiated experiences by segmenting users based on lifetime value (LTV). Smartly escalate issues from your VIP customers to make sure they stay happy.

Cross-Device Analytics

Data-Powered Software That Tells a Story - Customer Stats
Drive Product & Service Improvements with Cross-Device Analytics

Build holistic customer profiles of your users across multiple apps. Track events that
span users’ mobile and tablet devices.

Agent Workbench

Streamline Productivity - Ticket Queue
Increase Agent Productivity with Full-Suite Agent Workbench

Boost and monitor agent performance with agent notes, team alerts, ticket stats and reports. Take your teams customer ratings to another level with Co-Pilot and Auto-Pilot modes.

Integration Made Simple

  • 1 Sync CRM

    Start fresh with, or quickly import your existing CRM and messaging data to our software. Optional: Jump start's learnings by importing past customer and agent chat-logs. - Sync CRM
  • FAQ
    2 Upload FAQs

    Plugin you standard customer FAQs or Knowledge Base to the Agent.AI console using any format: HTTPS, TEXT, WORD, or let us help you with the data import.

  • 3 Integration Review

    Install the SDK or connect messenger(s) of choice. We do a quick integration check and confirmation and then you're all set to go live with - Integration
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