Glenn S Johnson

Advisory Board

A seasoned executive with expertise spanning finance, operations, customer services and intensive change management.

Proven track record of identifying, recruiting and selecting energetic, highly performing teams. Skilled at cultivating executives for positions of increasing scope and responsibility, most notably with individuals who had previously been viewed as lacking potential for long term success in the organization. Hired, supervised and groomed approximately 50% of the current Alaska Air Group executive staff including the CFO, COO, CIO, VP Marketing, Treasurer, VP Customer Service, VP In-flight, and VP Procurement. Proven track record at attracting, retaining and promoting diversity with my teams.

The Board of Alaska Air Group continuously deployed me to corporate business units that were malfunctioning, not profitable, or otherwise in crisis. In each case diagnosed the problems, designed solutions and engaged the Board, Alaska Air Group (AAG) Executive Committee and the divisional leadership and teams to execute the necessary changes. 

Successfully got the right people, with the right skills and training, into the right jobs, with the right leadership and motivation, in order to achieve the right results.

Considered a financial expert for SEC and Board Audit Committee purposes