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By 05 May 2016

Three Things that Excellent Customer Service Companies Do

Imagine the last customer service interaction you had. If you had a positive experience, chances are you’ll continue to use that company’s services. But what about the companies that go above and beyond, where customer service isn’t just a pleasant experience – but an exceptional one? These are companies that are chosen over their competitors for their customer service. What do they have in common, and what can you apply to your own mobile app customer service experience?

1. Hire happy people who are passionate about serving customers.

Happiness is infectious, and the people behind Trader Joe’s grocery stores know this! At Trader Joe’s they encourage its store employees to have fun on the job, by striking up casual conversations with shoppers, wearing Hawaiian shirts and calling each other by such titles as “Captain” and “First Mate.” These upbeat employees tend to spread that mood to customers- when someone seems so excited about helping you find your Speculoos Cookie Butter, you can’t help but enjoy the interaction! By helping your service team maintain a friendly attitude, you greatly increase their positive interactions with your customer and your customers’ satisfaction.

2. Personalize the experience to each individual customer.

Knowing background information about your customer improves customer service drastically because it allows you to personalize the interaction. At Disneyland, they hand out badges to people on their first visit or on their birthdays, and employees are trained to address the customer by the name on their badges. “ Creating this personalized touch helps the customer feel important, instead of just one person among the hundreds your service team will speak to in a day. When your customer feels important, they also feel as though they are being taken seriously and their issue is being handled with care. That alone will put them at ease while your team works to address their concern.

3. Empower customer service reps to go above and beyond to solve the customer’s query.

American Express continually strives to raise the bar on customer service. The Customer Care Team at American Express strives to understand each and every customer’s situation – by paying close attention to tone, details and by ditching the “service script.” This allows the Customer Care Team to answer a customers’ query quickly and effectively because they better understand the situation. And all of those positive interactions lead to referrals – as American Express worked towards even better customer service, their customer base increased through word of mouth.

What does this mean for your mobile app?

While customer service in general is fairly new to the mobile app scene, it’s rapidly growing in importance. It is never too early to let excellent customer service give you an edge over your competitors. In fact, seven in ten Americans (70%) are willing to spend an average of 13% more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service. In a marketplace where it’s so easy for an app to get downloaded one day and deleted the next, you need to give your customers an experience they won’t get from a competitor. If you integrate some of these best practices into your customer service offering, you’re bound to have some satisfied users!

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