AI-Enhanced Customer Service

Let artificial intelligence resolve your customers’ frequently asked questions in seconds, not days.

  • - Operator
  • Plus Sign
  • - Co Pilot

Boost agent productivity
with co-pilot mode suggests the appropriate responses to your customer questions, using learnings from customer and agent interactions, support ticket resolutions, company knowledge base, FAQs, and data from custom-selected in-app events.

  • - Co Pilot

Turn over the controls
with auto-pilot mode handles the routine frequently asked questions you receive from customers, so your team can dedicate their time on more complex inquiries.  If there’s a problem that can’t easily be solved, escalates the case to your support team.

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Join the leading companies working with
  • Wix
  • Intel
  • Flipkart
  • Accenture
  • Canada Post
  • Tivit
  • Illinois
  • AutoStar
  • Capco

A cloud-based agent interface that’s
available anywhere, anytime - Customer Chronicle
Centralize your customer support tools and databases. integrates with your CRM, transaction, and event data to enable a powerful, consolidated view that puts key information at your agents fingertips for better case management and streamlined issue resolution. - Artificial Intelligence
Increase agent productivity
with AI technology

Scale and improve your customer service capabilities through AI-enhanced and automated support - Chat
Deliver support across
multiple channels

Come to the rescue, and give customers access to seamless in-app, web, messenger and email support - Stats
Empower agents with powerful
data and analytics tools

Arm agents with critical customer profile, session events, and account history information for expedited issue resolution

Scalable Customer Support Software
adapted to a Mobile First World

With Co-Pilot and Auto-Pilot, we’ll do all of the the hard work while you remain in control.
Improve Your Customer Service at Scale
  • In App Messaging
    In-App and Messaging

    Provide smart, AI-assisted help in native mobile formats that customers prefer.

  • Smart Queues
    Smart Queues

    Differentiate service based on customer lifetime value (LTV) – Immediately escalate your VIP customers’ tickets.

  • Live FAQs
    Introducing Live FAQs ™

    Enable users to solve common issues on their own, with AI-assisted all within Chat.

  • Rewards
    Instant Rewards

    Engage, retain, and appease customers by delivering custom rewards or, coupons via chat, native and web based channels.

Maximize Agent Productivity ™
  • Messaging
    AI and AI-Assist

    Streamline communications with automation and assist tools.

  • Notes
    Agent Notes

    Add notes and reminders to your customers’ profiles for smart record keeping.

  • Privacy
    Agent Security & Permissions

    Define and set individual agent access rights to apps and queues.

  • Alerts
    Team Alerts

    Post important notices to agent dashboards.

Optimize Performance with Data & Insights
  • Dashboard
    Agent Performance Reports

    Track agent productivity across multiple apps.

  • Segmentation
    Customer Segmentation

    Define and track customer segments based on customer lifetime value.

  • Smart Queues
    Customer Engagement

    Interactive visualization of key customer events via the Customer Chronicle™.

  • Tickets
    Ticket Stats

    Quick view of agent’s open, assigned and closed tickets.

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